1. WEIGHT: Free

2. BODYWORK: Free   

Parts added should protrude greater than 15cm beyond the perimeter of the bodykit. 

3. CHASSIS: Free

4. DOORS: Free

 All doors must close securely and must have an opening-closing mechanism operating both from the
inside and outside.


6. ENGINE: Modifications are Free

Engine Swap is forbidden

The location of the engine must remain in the original position.

7. GEARBOX: Free



 The dashboard may be changed and modified. Instruments may be added or removed provided there are no
protruding parts or dangerous edges. The floor panel may be modified to
accommodate a different gearbox.

 The panels separating the passenger compartment from the engine compartment and the luggage
compartment must remain the same.

 The fitting of instruments, accessories or spares on the separating panels is allowed provided
such additional parts are relatively small and are not considered dangerous to

 Piping and wiring in the passenger compartment should be protected and covered and should have no
joints or connections within the passenger compartment.

 Other than the above,no other objects should be placed in the passenger compartment apart from items
provided for in Appendix J 253 of the F.I.A.

10. RADIATORS & FAN: Free, provided they are in a covered area outside the passenger compartment. They may be positioned in place of the radiator grill as long as they do not protrude beyond the perimeter of the car.

11. BRAKES:  Free, provided they are of a double circuit and activated by the same pedal.

 In case of an indirect type of servo brakes, the servo may be placed in the passenger compartment.



13. LIGHTS:  All lights may be removed. If spotlights are removed their brackets, if protruding, must be removed. One stop light must be operational as well as raining light.

14. TOWING EYES:  At least one at the front and one at the rear, painted yellow or red, and positioned so that they are easily accessibly without protruding from the car.  

15. SEATS:  The driver’s seat should be firmly fixed and should not be movable during the race.
Seats should comfort to Appendix J 253 of the F.I.A.  The passenger seats and their bases as well as the carpet may be removed.

16. WINDSCREEN & WINDOWS:  The windscreen must be laminated glass and should have at least one wiper. Also can be Lexan with a thickness of at least 5mm.

 The windows may be of plastic provided it provides good visibility and has a thickness of at least 3mm. In case the mechanism is removed the Driver’s window must have a small window
that opens. 


18. SHIELDS: Protective shields for the engine, gearbox and fuel tank are free.

19. EXTINGUISHERS: Handheld 4kg extinguishers as per Appendix J article 253.7.3. are obligatory.
Automatic mounted systems as per Appendix J article 253.7.2. are recommended.

 20. FUEL TANK: Free.

21. GENERAL CIRCUIT BREAKER: Must be positioned on the driver’s or co-drivers side in front of the windscreen and be clearly marked ON/OFF.

22. SEAT BELTS:  As per Appendix J 253 article 253.

23. TYRES: Only Semi Slicks allowed with maximum width 305mm.

24. NOS is forbidden